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Dealing with Crowds

One of the situations that games grind to a halt in are when suddenly the PCs find themselves entering a public place with a crowd present. Courtyards, taverns, or city-squares, these places are full of people, and as a result, … Continue reading

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The enemy is introduced

Yesterday was the second game that I have had with my current group. This time I prepared an adventure for four players (as many said in advance that they could not come), however unfortunately Masreal’s player bailed out at the … Continue reading

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The World of Albina

My current campaign is taking place in the world of Albina, a homebrewed setting created by me. Reading about Albina may help explain some of the occurences in the campaign, and you can feel free to use Albina for your … Continue reading

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The First Encounter

Last night was the first game with my new party. It was composed primarily of my friends (okay, I can deal with that), and nearly all of them (with one exception), were newbies. Slightly more difficult, but I can take … Continue reading

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Call to Adventure

This is a blog about one D&D Gm’s journey alongside his party of characters. In the process, not only will he speak in 3rd person, but he will also give tips and ideas about DMing in general.

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