The World of Albina

My current campaign is taking place in the world of Albina, a homebrewed setting created by me. Reading about Albina may help explain some of the occurences in the campaign, and you can feel free to use Albina for your own campaigns (Just remember, Albina, and all of the other material on this blog is protected under Creative Commons: you can’t use it commerically and you have to source it back to me [no taking credit for it]).

 Geography: The known lands of Albina cover one continent, and even at that, most of the interesting action takes place in the top half of the continent. This top half is mostly a temperate zone (Think Europe or New England) as far as climate, and is separated into three sections by a mountain range in a fashion that looks much like a hippy peace sign. Just to the north of the top half of the continent is the Great Shelf, a giant glacier that towers hundreds of feet above sea level and that is mostly unexplored. To the west lie the Lost Keys, a chain of islands nearly perpetually shrouded in mist. In the southern part of the north eastern section of the continent there is the Etzamged, a giant forest(more on that later). Finally, the northern part of southern half of the continent is the Esiert, a giant desert, and beyond that nothing has been explored. (The oceans are mostly uncharted, and what lies to the east is unknown).


               Top Half of the Continent: Three predominantly human kingdoms take up each of the sections of the continent. Etreth in the northeast, Baln in the northwest, and Cail in the south. The three countries have been at war for much of their history, and now hold an uneasy truce (which hides an even more uneasy arms race). To make matters more complex, inside the kingdom of Etreth lies the Etzamged, which is home to an independent Elven and Eladrin kingdom (also called Etzamged). Anti-human and anti-Etreth sentiments in the Etzamged run high as many of the elves are angry at the human kingdoms for taking their land. While the actual kingdom is officially at peace, many independent militant groups have taken to harassing trade in the 3 kingdoms. The attitudes of even the elves vary, as some are for total destruction of humans, whereas others simply want Etreth to leave. The situation with the elves is particularly important because any viewed weakness that Etreth may have due to them may cause Baln and Cail to attack it, plunging the continent back into war. Finally, the mountain chain down the middle of the continent (known by many different names to different populations) is loosely controlled by different Dwarven clans which provide passage and trade between the kingdoms.

            Bottom Half of the Continent: The bottom half of the continent is largely populated by nomads, with little uniform politics.

Notable History: In the past, there was a great empire of Albina, which was very technologically advanced and spanned the entire continent. Eventually, it crumbled due to unkown reasons, but it left behind ruins filled with items (both mundane and magical) of great power, which are sought after goals for both individuals and countries.

Demographics: All of the general assumptions about DnD monsters and world are kept constant except for:

  • Orcs are not stupid, but cunning and intelligent planners.
  • There are no gods. Angels are individual forces on the outer planes
  • There are no drow. However, elves are by no means generally good (neither are any of the other player races for that matter).

This is a continuous work in progress and will be updated as time goes on. If you would like specific aspects to be added to Albina, just leave a comment or email me!


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